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1. “Gabriella is beyond a doubt, a very caring, extremely knowledgeable, highly educated health care provider that has demonstrated her desire to go above and beyond her patients. Rarely does one find a health care provider who exceeds her abilities and desire to help her patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her personal integrity and commitment is beyond reproach!” D.S. (Gardner, MA)

2. “Gabriella is always happy to spend as much time as needed to care for me. I love the fact that I found what caused my body to function properly and how to remedy the problem with professional supplementation. I am constantly amazed at Gabriella’s depth of knowledge. If you are looking for someone who truly cares about you and wants to help you feel your best, I strongly suggest you see Gabriella. By the way, I work in the traditional medicine healthcare system and I truly love Maranatha Natural Living.” C.M. (W. Chesterfield, NH)

3. “I have gone from doctor to doctor to find help for my intestinal condition. No one has been able to identify the issue. Gabriella listened and she knew exactly what was wrong. She ran a bunch of functional medicine tests, and now my intestinal condition has greatly improved and continues to do so. Maranatha Natural Living looks at healing the whole body and addresses lifestyle choices as part of balancing the body.” C.H. (Vernon, VT)

4. “First of all I want to thank you for your sincere desire to help me truly have a healthier body, mind and spirit. I came to your office with the hope of getting my cholesterol panel under control. Now, my HDL, LDL, and triglycerides are within normal range. When I first came to your office, my joints were so stiff and I could hardly walk when I got out of the car. I am now 68 years old. With your nutraceutical support I can walk like I did when I was 45. I have also lost 30 pounds. You have spent many hours helping me reach a healthier lifestyle. The heart calming formula helps my heart stay calmer”. With much respect, L.B. (Jacksonville, VT)

5. “I highly recommend Gabriella for anyone that is interested in being at your very best health. She is very dedicated to your vibrant health and vitality”. I. H. (Brattleboro, VT)

6. “Thanks you so much for helping me get well so quick. That is truly amazing how fast it worked. You are such a good friend. I feel as fit as a fiddle just tuned. I pray you can reach many people. There is such a great need. Thank you for all you do”. T.S. (Hinsdale, NH)

7. “When I came to your office, I weighed 214 pounds. I now weigh 161 pounds. I was taking Insulin twice per day, and now I am Insulin free for over one year, and my blood sugars are normal. With your encouragement and friendly ways, you gave me the hope that I could be a healthier man. I am now on a two month program that has helped me with the excessive mucus and coughing from the COPD”. Thanks so much, A.B., (Jacksonville, VT)

8. “Gabriella has helped me become a more balanced person physically and mentally. I came in to see her because I needed some guidance in achieving better health. Gabriella has showed genuine concern for my health and well-being, and allowed a generous amount of time for appointments. I recommend Maranatha Natural Living. The possibilities for gain are many!” L.G. (Wilmington, VT)

9. “Thanks so much for your seminar. It was very informative and well-worth our time. Please continue to present more health seminars. I wish the seminar lasted more than one day”. O.H. (Montreal, Canada)

10. “Thanks for an excellent presentation”! G.P. (Springfield, MA)

11. “Thank you so very much for the hard work you did in presenting such well-educated and researched seminars on good nutrition, vitamins and much, much more… You are surely a woman God has given many special gifts to share with us all”. D.W. (Guilford, VT)

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